Our Strategy

The CB Group is dedicated to delivering an effective, efficient, and friendly quality service with Integrity and accountability to customers around the Globe.

Our Mission

From design to completion, our mission is to ensure our service is unique to you and your requirements.



CB Group has a network of experienced Quality Control staff located throughout Asia with over 40 working full time employees located in the epicentres for cross pollunated production facilities. Our highly skilled QC colleagues monitor our clients orders from sample runs all the way through to production runs and shipping confirmation should the client need visual/audio and documented confirmation that their goods are aligned to our own high standards and that of our customers.


Our QC Teams work throughout mainland China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Europe ensuring the highest level of quality standards are a reached at all times from our Manufacturing Partners. Quality control is the backbone of the CB Group and this attention to detail has been the catalyst for our success to date. We understand our clients need to ensure that when dealing with factories abroad that the highest level of quality and standards need to be aligned, therefore our team are your eyes and ears on the ground who in turn relay to our local teams in EMEA on the progression of your orders. CB Group prides itself on providing the service that all the others promise.


CB Group ensure contractual obligations are met in specifications, packaging, marking and deliveries are shipped on time. Our QC team do in-line inspections to ensure the quality and production is monitored before goods are completed. If any quality problems are found during the in-line inspections our QC team advises to ensure the supplier works on a corrective action plan with immediate effect.


All our factories are ISO9001 certified, which sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is a global benchmark for assurance that the highest standards are consistently met and maintained. Factories are regularly audited to ensure they comply with local and international regulations.
We have established and maintain a high-performance vendor base throughout the regions at the most commercially viable cost.

Hong Kong
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145 Hennessy road, Wanchai,
Hong kong
Tel: +852 9366 1927
UNIT 1412-1414,
Poly World Trade Centre,
NO.1022 Xin Gang East Road,
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