The team

Craig Bradshaw

Founder and CEO

Craig was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. Both his parents had separate successful businesses importing and wholesaling fashion accessories. The experience of watching the effort and commitment his parents put into their respective businesses instilled in Craig a strong work ethic, a passion for business and a driving force to replicate the success.
Craig attended both primary and secondary school in St Mary’s College, Dublin. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing Studies from Portobello College Dublin.
After leaving Portobello College in 2001 Craig took the position of global export manager in a UK/Hong Kong Homewares and Novelty products company based in Hong Kong. After 6 months in the Hong Kong office Craig was asked to take the big step and move to Guangzhou to help establish their new Guangzhou office and showrooms. This proved to be a pivotal move and whereas initially reluctant it was the best career decision he ever made. After co-managing the new office for a year and traveling to visit many factories throughout China some in the remotest parts of the country, Craig decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps and take an even bigger step and establish CB Group Ltd.
Over the years we have manufactured indirectly for brands on behalf of World leading Companies such as Disney, Nine West, Hurley, Reebok, Calvin Klein, Levis and for indirectly retailers such as Wal Mart, Target, KOHLS, JC Penny, F21, Family Dollar to name but a few.
We believe what makes CB Group unique and one of the most important benefits to our customers is that we are their eyes and ears on the ground. The value and importance of this has never been as stark due to the terrible Pandemic which has swept the Globe in the last few years. This has resulted in buyers not been able to travel and therefore has put an enormous importance and value on our business relationships with our customers.
I’m very proud to be Irish, and I believe our business growth in many markets such as the US, Scandinavia and my home country Ireland is largely due to the trusted supplier status we have with our valued customers.

Peter Kelly

CEO, CB Group Ireland Ltd

Peter has over 40 years’ experience of developing and leading business-to-business sales organizations in the managed services sector in companies such as Sharptext/Exertis Group and The Danwood Group.
In recent years, his focus has been offering consultancy services to clients, mentoring CEOs on their business acquisition and sales strategy development as well as change management programmes. A Passionate, decisive, and proven change manager, Peter has a critical eye for rare talent and business opportunities and the ability to bring the very best out in people and companies.

Paul Yu

Sales Manager (Hong Kong Office)

Paul is based in Hong Kong. Educated in both Hong Kong and the UK, he attended primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, and graduated from the University of Essex in 2002 with a major in computing and management.
He has over 20 years working experience as Customer Account Manager importing and exporting consumer products from China, plus extensive sales and marketing various product lines. 
Paul has worked in CB Group Ltd. for over 14 years and manages several of the companies largest accounts plus leading a team of highly motivated merchandisers. He ensures the team use best practises delivering the highest standards of customer care. The customers are always put first is Paul’s moto.
With his solid knowledge in the manufacturing processes including logistics Paul brings his vast experience to benefit all our customers.
Paul loves playing Tennis and especially beating his boss Craig (-; he also loves Basketball and has a unique habit of collecting “ Nike Air Jordan’s” footwear.

Art Yang

QC Manager

Art graduated from South China University of Technology in 1990, majored in Mechanical Engineering, with a Bachelor's Degree.
With over 25 years experience working for state-owned manufacturers and international trading companies. Art joined CB Group in 2004 managing a team of over 10 inspectors. Visiting our factories production facilities to oversee the quality control. Art has worked closely with several of our companies largest clients inspectors monitoring inline and final inspections. Art has also attended trade fairs with clients to view factories latest products and to see the quality on show.

Amy Huang

Assistant to the CEO

After graduating Amy joined CB Group in 2005 and as assistant to the CEO has a vital role in the smooth operation of daily Business activity and plays a key Management role in many aspects of the Business operation.
Amy participates in the formulation and implementation of company business contracts, business negotiations, supply chain management and project distribution related auxiliary work. She is responsible for the operations surrounding the company’s business-related documents ( eg.TT/LC etc.) for tracking the progress of documents or business processes, business reconciliation, receipt/payment, and assisting business managers to complete the receipt and delivery of products. Amy manages the coordination and communication with customers in all Banking and Financial business transactions and cooperates with personnel from other departments of the company, uploading and reviewing ERP actual operation and business-related materials.

Scott Lee

Senior QC Inspector

Scott Lee was born in Shenzhen, China. He graduated from Jilin University in 1992 with a bachelor degree in Science.
He has over 26 years working as a quality control inspector and factory evaluation inspector and auditor. Before joining CB Group over 16 years ago, Scott was a QC manager for Wal Mart based out of their Shenzhen office, he also worked as a professional inspector for SGS, and Sears. Scott is one of our senior quality control inspectors, with a large team of inspectors working under him, he works closely with several of our largest clients directly managing their weekly production, making sure all products are produced to the highest international standards.

Stephanie Chen

Senior Merchandiser

Stephanie was born in the city of Guangzhou, China.
She attended the high school of Zhongshan University Affiliated Middle School.
After graduating she attended University in Switzerland, in Les Roches Hotel Management University where she got her degree. Deciding to focus on the export trading industry upon her return to China after university, Stephanie started her career working in a large German buying office, managing some of the companies key accounts.
Stephanie joined CB Group in 2008 and has become one of the company's senior merchandisers, she has a team of merchandisers working under her, who report daily to her. Within her team, they focus on certain clients specialising in the fashion accessory industry.
Stephanie and her team work closely with the factories and our Qc inspectors to make sure orders are produced to the correct specifications and very importantly on time. They also manage the logistics and consolidation of customers orders.
Stephanie is a keen mountaineer, and spends most of her free time hiking and exploring the mountains in nearby provinces.

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